What could be a better way to celebrate your engagement or a special anniversary than go for a photo walk and keep lifetime memories of this special moment?  And you know, you don't even need any special occasion to celebrate LOVE, TOGERTHERNESS and JOY. What about just taking a break from your daily commitments to write a new page in your love story!

My goal as a moment design photographer is to capture how beautiful you are as a couple, with your smiles, your secrets and jokes... So, we will create these magic moments together! We will go together to your favourite park or a place you first met, have a picnic by the lake or stop for a coffee in your favourite café. There is no time pressure and we can be flexible to adjust to the mood of the day. Generally, within 1.5-2 hours we will have a good variety of images to choose from. 


You don't need to make any commitment or decide on what you would like to do with the photos until you actually see them in your online proofing gallery about 2-3 weeks after the photo session.

Generally, there will be 50-60 photos in your gallery for you to choose from. The gallery will remain online for four weeks, so you will have plenty of time to select your digital files or print products.


Is your wedding coming up soon? I will be delighted to be part of your special day! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to schedule a pre-wedding consultation!



* couples photo session up to 2 hours

* online viewing gallery (40-60 images)

* all digital files in standard resolution (printable up to 13*18 cm)

* digital slideshow with the best images of the session


Photo books, Fine art prints and wall art can be ordered separately




* wedding reportage from 2 hours

* all digital files in print resolution (printable up to 13*18 cm) downloadable from online gallery

* digital slideshow highlighting  the best moments of your day


Wedding photo books, Fine art prints and wall art can be ordered separately.


My warmest congratulations to you! And thank you for considering me as a photographer for your special day!

Please let me know more about your plans and wishes for your special day (e.g. date, location, duration, expected number of guests and anything else you think I should know!)

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