What will you remember when you look through the photo album of your life? How will your children remember their childhood? Baking cookies in the kitchen with  mum, playing football with dad in the backyard, or maybe reading a book by the fireplace with granny? These moments of LOVE, TOGETHERNESS and JOY  will become your true legacy that will be passed on from generation to generation. The pace of our everyday life is becoming faster and faster, leaving us little chance to stop and enjoy these little moments. Together we will recreate these magic moments, and I will be there with my camera to write a beautiful story of your family in pictures!


 How does it work?

My goal is to make the photo session a most pleasant and memorable experience. So, no stress! You don't need to worry about having to choose images from your session! As a mother myself, I simply can’t do it! There will be 50-60 photos in your gallery and you will get them all! All sessions include absolutely all edited images in standard resolution ( printable up to 13*18 cm).  From your online gallery you can also purchase individual images in high resolution ( for example to order larger prints or for your annual calendar) or get all images in full size. Prints and photo books are an awesome way to document your family story! I will be happy to design them for you! 


Can we have a family photo session at our home?

Absolutely! Home sessions are ideal for families with small kids and especially newborns. The secret of success for these sessions is planning 2-3 activities that you love to do as a family. This can be as simple as reading a book, drawing or decorating a Christmas tree together. You can also consider playing the piano, dancing, baking a cake or maybe even  bath time?!
Many families also ask me to continue their at home session at their favorite playground or in the park. And I am happy to accommodate this wish!


How much time should we plan for a photo session?

Generally, family sessions will last up to  two hours, but we might finish in one hour or go on a bit longer. It all depends on the mood of the day, location and age of the junior family members. It might be a good idea to bring some snacks with you, if we decide to take a rest from all the games. Picnic time is also great for pictures!

What is the best location for an outdoor family session?

It will be best to arrange a photo session in places that have special meaning to your family, but I can also take you to my favorite locations in Zürich. It does not have to be in the park or by the lake. How about picking strawberries, carving pumpkins or going to a Christmas market?


Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous.

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Elizabeth Stone

Our prices

Family session           350 CHF

* Family photo session up to 2 hours  (outdoors, at home or both)

* Online viewing gallery with 50-60 images

* All pictures from your Gallery for download in standard resolution (printable up to 13*18 cm)
* Digital slideshow (a 2-3 minute slideshow with music and the best pictures from the session)







Family Session
First moments         500 CHF

This is a special package for newborns and children up to 12 month old to document the first days of their life. The photo session will take place in the comfort and safety of your home.

* Family photo session up to 2 hours (at home)

* all digital images (printable up to 13*18 cm)
* Digital Birth announcement (a 2-3 minute slideshow with music and the best pictures from the session)

* Art prints box & USB with all images (10 prints 20*15 cm) or custom design photo book (20 pages, 21*28 cm)







First moments package
New beginnings        750 CHF

Maternity +Newborn session

* Mini maternity session up to 45 minutes, outdoors, at your home or other location of your choice, including 10 digital images  in standard resolution (printable up to 13*18 cm)
* Family photo session up to 2 hours, including all digital images in standard resolution (printable up to 13*18 cm)

*Digital slideshow (a 2-3 minute slideshow with music and the best pictures from both sessions)

YOUR BONUS: Beautiful custom designed photo book (20*20 cm, up to 40 pages) including the best images of both sessions.


Grow with me

Family gallery

Please meet amazing families I had an honor to photograph in the last few months!