Sechseläuten 2018 in Zurich

Sechseläuten is a traditional Zurich festival that is celebrated at the beginning of April. Did you know that it basically means "the celebration of 6 o'clock bells chime", i.e. switch to summer working hours after long winter!

The celebration always starts on Sunday with a children parade, which has always been a favourite part of the  festival for me! Just look at those little kids dressed up in the costumes of different periods!


I also love the flower decorations of the festival. At home we even call this day "flowers holiday"!


A special tip for you - stay until the end of the parade to see international Zurich. And don't miss the "Böögg", a snowman that will be burned on Monday evening  exactly at 6 o'clock. If his head explodes fast, we can expect a warm summer!