Christmas tree farm adventure

Today is officially the first day of spring. Well, at least in Switzerland!  When I congratulated my friends with the first day of Spring on March 1st, they looked at me with great surprise! In Switzerland, all children know that spring  begins when day and night are around the same length, each lasting around 12 hours. And this date changes every year depending on the astronomical cycle!


But today's story is different! This year winter decided to definitely stay with us a bit longer, and all trees and roads are again covered in snow! This brought back to me the memories of our December family adventure at a Christmas tree farm near Horgen. It was probably the day of the heaviest snow fall this winter!


Did you know that you can choose and cut your own Christmas tree  very close to Zurich? As you can imagine,  this gave me an idea for the location for the family photo session, and I was so excited that one of my favourite families came along! Despite the cold and snow, it was definitely a success! Kids were excited about picking their own tree and taking it home!